Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tricks and Treats of Pharmacology

A little over half of this semester has passed since we started our journey into pharmacology. Moving from the heart and cardiovascular block, we begin the renal block with all things pharmacology and kidneys with a splash of erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia thrown in. It's a nice break from the complexities of the heart and vessels, but no where simple as the kidney is a highly complex organ in of itself. We learned some of the several channels in the kidney which were involved with diuretics. Studying the kidney also shows us the complexities of the human body as changes in the kidney functions can affect other systems like blood pressure and changes in other systems can affect the kidneys. Currently, I am a bit struggling to keep my head out of water, but that just means I must work even harder.

Volunteering at the ER and department of internal medicine has been great. The ER and department of internal medicine were really different. The pace was different as the ER was more hectic compared to internal medicine but both were equally busy in workload and attention. In the ER, I mostly escort patients to different areas and rooms, but in internal medicine, I help the secretary at the nurses' station answer phone calls from patients and other parts of the hospital. Interacting with the patients, secretaries, and nurses were interesting and a great learning experience.

Hours completed this month: 32