Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of semester one

The return from turkeys and endless amounts of food signifies the closing of the Fall semester. A little less than three weeks remain and now we are in the part of the semester where we focus more on molecular and cellular pharmacology. This course shows the students the experimental techniques and procedures that are likely to be encountered in the world of pharmacology. Most of the students were exposed to many of the topics, but this course may give more insight into the details involved in pharmacology. In my opinion, I enjoy this course since the experimental procedures and techniques are one of my favorite aspects of research. As for the pharmacology aspect, we just slid passed the pulmonary block which include medication for asthma and pneumonia. I learned a lot I did not know before about treatments for asthma. Now, we are entering the GI/ hepatic block. During the semester, we have been exposed to GI and hepatic side effects but haven't really looked at treatments for GI and hepatic diseases. This fact makes me excited to learn more about the liver and GI tract.
The end of the semester also signifies that we are halfway through, which is bittersweet. It is sweet that are that much closer to advancing in our academic careers, but bitter having to leave all of this behind so soon.

November hours: 36 hours
Total semester hours: 76 hours