Thursday, March 23, 2017

Almost there

The roughest period of our pharmacology experience comes to an end as we finished taking the pharmacology NBME shelf exam. Weeks of studying, piles of note cards, and days of intense internal screaming concluded with the submission of that exam. It covered all of the drugs we learned throughout the year and I am surprised I was able to squeeze all of them in. I'm not sure how I did but glad it is over. We just have one class with exams left and a bunch more student presentations before graduation, but I bet most of us are in a state of relief and excitement. 

It's now the home stretch towards graduation which means a shift from hardcore studying to preparation for the next step in our lives. Most of my class plans to attend med school, but a few including me plans for graduate school. I believe this program gave us a nice edge for our future education and also gave us useful knowledge we can use for our health and daily lives. From my classmates taking the MCAT, this program seemed to helped them prepare for some aspects of it.  I still cannot believe how fast this year went. It feels like tomorrow we will be walking across that stage to get that diploma. 

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